12 Weeks to a New You!

by pilates32 on December 12, 2010

[dropcap1]P[/dropcap1]ilates can most certainly transform your health, your energy and your body’s shape. In fact; I guarantee it. It will not only leave you feeling stronger, fitter and more flexible, but also it will increase your energy, vibrancy and enthusiasm to live and get the most out of everyday life.

With transformation in mind, we at Pilates 32 have designed a 12 week Transformation Program aimed at improving your strength, flexibility and body shape. This 12-week course will implement the Pilates tutorials available from Pilates 32, alongside everyday activities and precise nutrition to increase strength, flexibility, stability and to transform the shape of your body.

The benefits you will see will include;

[list bullet="circle"]

  • Fat and weight loss
  • Increased lean muscle mass and body tone
  • An improved posture (meaning more energy and less injury)
  • Increased Self esteem and energy levels
  • Increased strength and flexibility
  • Increased confidence and overall; a happier life
  • [/list]

    So how does it work?

    Firstly, we need to do Pilates. By using the downloadable tutorials from Pilates 32 you will experience progressions over a period of 12 weeks to increased frequency, time and intensity of each exercise. The program is simple. It requires you follow along to 3 tutorials per week, straight from your computer. These take approximately 30 minutes each and can be done every other day, having a day’s rest in between (for example a Monday, Wednesday, Friday routine). This can be done at any time in the day to suit you and your schedule. I personally use Pilates before work in the morning, that way I start the day feeling flexible and full of energy; but whatever time in the day suits you is best.

    Where to Start?

    If you are new Pilates, I recommending following the injury and pain free back series for the first two to four weeks, and from here progress on further to the medium and high level series’. This progression is not compulsory and we recommend that you take your time to progress slowly and only move on when you feel that the series you are on is no longer the challenge it once was. Starting on the low level series ensures that your body is prepared and conditioned for the progressions of each exercise later on in the course. But for some who has experience in fitness, sport or the gym, you may already be at a certain level of conditioning and therefore may prefer to skip the low level and move straight on to the “Core Strength and Stability” series (the low level series is designed for those who do limited exercise and may have experienced back injury or weak posture).

    Week Beginner Level Experienced Level
    1/2 Injury and Pain free back Series Core Strength and Stability Series
    3/4 Injury and Pain free back Series Core Strength and Stability Series
    5/6 Core Strength and Stability Series Core Strength and Stability Series
    7/8 Core Strength and Stability Series Progressing on to Reshape and Strengthen Series
    9/10 Core Strength and Stability Series Reshape and Strengthen Series
    11/12 Possible Progression on to Reshape and Strengthen Reshape and Strengthen Series

    What should I eat?

    It is essential that you eat the right foods, drink the right drinks and give your body the fuel it needs to metabolise,function and most of all; burn fat! Correct nutrition plays an important role in transforming our body’s shape and providing the energy we need to live life to the fullest. Therefore; to help you make the most of your 12 week program we have put together a simple list of guidelines, which include when to eat, what to eat and also provides a list of 32 superfoods. If you choose to follow this transformation I want to give this personal nutrition guide, “The 32diet” as a gift. [blockquote align="right"]“It will not only leave you feeling stronger, fitter and more flexible, but also it will increase your energy, vibrancy and enthusiasm to live and get the most out of everyday life.”[/blockquote]This document will provide a template food plan for an example day, daily guidelines to cut cravings and burn fat and a comprehensive list of 32 power foods that help provide the right nutrients for energy, fat burning and increased metabolism.

    To recieve this diet is simplle. All you need to do is download one complete series of videos from Pilates 32, which ever level you choose to start with, and the email me at info@pilates32.com (with your name and when you downloaded) and I will then send you the diet plan absolutely free. During the transformation, if you have any questions or need advice in anyway, you are welcome to email us again and we will do our best to help in response to the query. I have found these guidelines to have a powerful life changing effect with all the clients I have worked with. Do not miss this opportunity!

    And finally…

    Alongside the Pilates tutorials and the 32diet, we recommend performing two or three cardiovascular workouts per week. This can be walking the dog, jogging, cycling, skipping, swimming, bouncing on a trampoline. Whatever it is, it doesn’t matter as long as your heart and breathing rate increase; your doing the right thing. I recommend adding this in on Tuesday and Thursday (this way you leave the weekend free to rest), performing just 20 minutes of cardio, which for me is normally some fast paced cycling, skipping, or a kettle-bell circuit.

    No Time Like The Present

    So what are you waiting for! You are just 12 weeks away from looking, feeling and living a healthier, better looking, better performing life. Download instantly to your computer and don’t forget to email me for the 32diet. You’ll feel the difference in days.

    All the Best


    Author: Ian Harris

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