A Healthy Back with Simple Exercise

by pilates32 on April 4, 2011

Statistics say that 80% of us will suffer from some form of back pain at some point in our lives. No one wants to experience back pain, it is inconvenient and not too easy to get rid of. Normally back pain is a result of bad lifestyle and bad habits in reference to the way we sit and the way we stand. Postural issues develop over time, putting strain on our back and spine and leaving us experiencing differing degrees of pain.


It has always been said that prevention is better than the cure. Well the same is true for back pain. Using an exercise method such as Pilates can help keep our posture optimal and prevent the onset of back pain later on in life. Pilates helps strengthen the muscles in our back, stomach, sides and hips. These groups of muscles are responsible for protecting and holding the position of the spine. If they are strong and equally balanced, our posture will remain the same, protecting us from injury and pain later on.

You need not join an expensive health club to do Pilates. You can do Pilates at home using the right video tutorial. By making a space in the living room and without any equipment you can do a whole workout and see just as many results as you would in a gym.

All exercises have been manipulated to perform on a mat. You will increase strength in your entire core whilst burning calories and toning up. If you are completely new to training you can find a beginner Pilates video to suit you. This will allow you to progress at the right pace and also develop an understanding of the key principle that underpin this method. Using Pilates can also reverse the onset of back pain and return you to full health. This is why so many physiotherapists recommend it. Why not give it a try?

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