Two Pilates Exercises For a Beginner

by pilates32 on December 17, 2011

If you are new to Pilates and are looking for just a taster of what our lower level series; “Injury and Pain Free Back is like, here are two great exercises to try out.

The first exercise is the lowest level of a back extension exercises that aims to strengthen and lengthen the muscles in the lower back, gluteals and hamstrings. Training the posterior chain of muscles in the body can really help protect our backs from injury and hold our posture in neutral (optimal) position

The second exercise is a little more challenging, but I have thrown it in this post to demonstrate just how effective Pilates can be when it comes to ab training. This exercise not only works our abs, but also increases blood flow whilst training good 30% engagement (as explained in our warm up video) and core stability. Have a go yourself!

If you find these exercises effective and would like to try more, please take a look at our Pilates videos. This includes the series Injury and Pain Free Back as well as our intermediate and advanced series.

Hope you enjoyed these videos, be sure to share your comments below!


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