Control and Precision Means Results

by pilates32 on June 6, 2011

What separates Pilates from other exercise systems is the not only the type of exercises we perform, but also the way we perform them. For many core training methods, how many reps you can do and how hard you can work in a short space of time may be the focus, but it may not be the most effective way of doing things. Pilates is performed with control and precision, meaning that exercises are controlled slowly with concentration and focus.

When doing Pilates, it is essential to focus on the engagement and set-up of the core. Maintaining neutral spine, that is an optimal placement of the pelvis makes the exercises more effective and more controlled. Alongside focusing on our center, Pilates brings attention to our breathing and alignment of the body. All efforts are made to prevent the body moving any way except the line in which the movement is taking place. Take the one leg stretch for example, a key move that progresses through each level of the Pilates system.

Precision and control improves the outcome of your training. Not only will you find feel the effect of the training in your lower back, upper back, hips and abdominals, but you will leave feeling refreshed and revitalized. Many times, when teaching I will purposefully remind my class to control the move, slow down the pace and bring precision into all they do.

If you haven’t started using Pilates yet, don’t hesitate. You need not join a gym or an expensive studio. You can do Pilates at home with our extensive, all exclusive system. Why wait?

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