Develop Strong Abs with Pilates

by pilates32 on December 27, 2010

We all want to have a great looking, flat stomach. For many this is the motivation for following a strict fitness regime and nutrition plan. But if you don’t know what you are doing, much of your time and effort can be wasted on systems that don’t show progress and exercises that just don’t work.

Several years ago, many people believed that the secret to a great looking torso lied with the amount of sit up and crunches you did. Some people still follow these type of routines, only to find little success in regards to a flat stomach and a good looking six pack. In fact, performing endless amounts of crunches will only shorten your stomach and pull your posture out of alignment. This can have detrimental effects long term.

If your looking to trim your waist whilst maintain a strong core, strong back and good postural position, why not try Pilates. Pilates has proven to reshape the body of thousands of people worldwide, whilst leaving them feeling healthier and at lower risk of injury. Pilates is design to work you core, abs and back under precision and control. The core is worked much harder, despite not moving as fast or as much as it would when doing crunches. The system of exercise improves core stability and develops a resistance against back injury.

Pilates can be performed on a mat in a class or a studio. If you can’t make a class, no problem, you can do Pilates at home in your own time and still see amazing results. It will leave you feeling stronger, leaner and longer then you have ever felt previous. When performing Pilates you will activate all the muscles in your core, including the hard to reach lower abdominals. After just a week of using the system you will begin to feel and see dramatic results, inspiring you to continue on with your workout plan. Why not start using Pilates today?

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