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We at Pilates 32 aim to make it as easy as possible to access and download video tutorials. These can be viewed from a laptop or desktop computer, or even burnt on to a DVD disc and viewed from your television. Pilates 32 utilises PayPalTM as the primary method of purchase, for safer, faster and secure online payment.

So how does it work? First, select the workout video you wish to purchase, which part from which series. We encourage you to download the whole series for more variety and progressions to take you further in your success (becoming a Pilates 32 subscriber, will provide you with up to date discounts and special offers as soon as they become avaliable). Once selected your browser will open a new window, with a payloadzTM, you can add to this cart here in the shop, or when you close the shop window and click another workout, the shopping cart will remember your last selection.Once selected follow the instructions for card payments/PayPalTM transactions.

Once purchased you will receive an email with download links to your purchases. Click on these and allow sufficient time for your computer to download the videos. Be sure to prevent your laptop hibernating during the download and be sure to save the video and back it up. If a download is interrupted and the link no longer works, don’t worry we have your purchase on record; just email us and we will send you another one.