How Pilates Can Make You Stronger and Leaner

by pilates32 on November 7, 2010

When we really take the time to analyse someone’s fitness or health goals, many times it comes down to one thing. Weight loss. Or to be more precise; fat loss. We all want to shed pounds around the waist and fit in smaller, more flattering clothes then we do now. At the same time, we want to look and appear strong and fit. Broad shoulders, good arms, and lean legs. Whatever it may be, and whatever the results are they normally involve some amount of weight loss.

In an attempt to reach our goals we pursue many different types of activity. Some work. Some not so well. In many cases it may be the type of activity and not so much our commitment that causes us to fail. In other cases, it is our commitment.

A method of exercise that carries a proven reputation amongst fitness professionals is Pilates. Pilates can certainly reshape and transform your body, helping you to lose weight and look leaner and stronger. Pilates is comprised of series of exercises which utilise body weight as a resistance to work against. It focuses mainly on the core muscles, but has shown to improve physical strength and appearance of both the upper and lower body.

As well as helping you look great, Pilates can improve posture and muscle movements, making your body function with better alignment and balance. The coordination required for many of the exercises ensures that no muscle is left unused and that no cheating can occur when it comes to seeing proper results.

Starting and following a Pilates program is made easy with the use of Pilates video. You need not go to a gym or hire a special trainer for this type of exercise. With enough commitment and dedication you can learn the principle of Pilates and the relevant exercises and do them at home. All you need is a mat, a space on the floor and some focused time. With just a thirty minute workout two or three times a week, you will begin to see remarkable results very quickly.

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