How to Get a Six Pack Without the Back Pain

by pilates32 on October 2, 2011

When we think six pack, we think endless amounts of crunches, sit ups and ab machines we’ve seen on TV. Some amount of bad education has allowed us to believe that a great looking six pack, flat stomach is achieved by how many sit ups and crunches you do on a daily basis. Think for a second, how much logic exists behind this concept. Ask yourself, was the human body designed to do this many spinal flexing movements?

The truth is that abs are not developed through large amounts of sit ups or crunches. Anyone who tells you that is lying and selling you a product that doesn’t work. The result of such training would be very tight, short abdominal muscles and a terrible posture to go along with it.

Six pack abdominal muscles are developed through effect core training. Working these muscles in union with other core muscles that surround the spine will not only develop better results, but also protect your back from a lot of injury.

Pilates is a method of core training that develops the core as a whole, whilst offering the results of a good looking six pack too. Using exercises that focus on spinal extension and well as flexing and stability as well as mobility. Pilates trains the core as a whole and has shown to see better results, visual results then compared to those who choose only to do crunches. Along with an optimal posture position, Pilates will increase the strength in your lower back, hips and legs. Remember the muscles in your body work as a chain. If one group of muscles is out of alignment, this will have detrimental effects further on through the body.

You can do Pilates at home easily, by following a video tutorial online or on DVD. You don’t need to pay out expensive fees at a studio or with one on one training. By doing it a home, you will begin to learn the principles of Pilates on your own and start seeing results in no time.

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