How To Relieve Yourself of Back Pain in Just 3 Minutes

by pilates32 on October 2, 2011

We all know that back pain can be a real pain. Whether it be a tight back or a weak back, the symptoms to any back pain produce limited range of motion, endless agony and uncomfortable living. Its safe to say that even the strongest and fittest people find themselves battling back pain at some point or another, even your qualified physiotherapist or Pilates teacher is by no means immune to it’s effects.

Whilst it may be impossible to avoid back pain altogether, there are so many things we can do to avoid it and also help relieve it. Pilates of course is a perfect solution, as it aims to realign our posture and strengthen our lower back to a point where we can resist such injury. But this blog post is not about avoiding it, it’s about relieving it. I am writing this out of a recent experience or waking up with a very tight lower back for one reason or another. In attempt to relieve it, I carried out 3 stretches shown in the following video and within 3 minutes I was feeling almost as good as I do after a whole workout. The 3 stretches or exercises I spent three minutes doing (1 minute on each) were; the roll down, the cat stretch and the childs pose.

It is important to realise that the first move here; the roll down is a very, very effective exercise when done correctly. It is more that just merely bending over, which may cause more pain to your lower back. You are looking to curl up, or curl down the spine controlling the movement so that each vertebrae of your spine moves one after another. The move starts with the tucking of the chin to chest, stretching the neck flexors and also the multifidus that runs down the entirety of our spine. Remember to take it slow, hold neutral spine and keep yourself at 30% engagement at all times.

Here we are; 3 minutes to back pain relief!

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Author: Ian Harris

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