Improve Your Balance with Pilates

by pilates32 on April 7, 2012

If you are looking to improve your balance and coordination, then Pilates may be the best system of exercise for you. Pilates is concerned with improving coordination and strength of core muscles that surround the spine, responsible for holding you stable and increasing complete body balance.

Many movements that the body carries out initiate from the core muscles, whether it be lifting a leg or arm, muscles surrounding the spine have shown to activate a fraction of a second before the movement is carried out. This is because the body aims to hold you stable as the movement occurs. For many people who have not used Pilates or other types of core exercise, the muscles in the lower back and abdominals are not always strong enough to hold them stable. Therefore they are more susceptible to injury in the lower back and lumbar region of the spine.

A Pilates system of exercise can improve balance and coordination alongside improved core stability and flexibility. When using Pilates you will perform many isometric type exercises which require you to hold a position stable for a number of seconds. When doing this, balance and coordination improve as the muscles in the core activate continuously to hold you stable. Following a Pilates system for number of weeks will lead to big improvements and could help prevent back injury later on in the future.

Why not give Pilates a try? You can do Pilates at home quite easily with the use of video or tutorials that you can access on the internet. That way you need not spend lots of money on expensive health club memberships or personal training fees. You can learn the principles of Pilates in your own home and perform workouts in your own time and at your own pace. So the next time you see your friends or family, you will shock them with how much different you look.

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