Increasing Core Stability: Part Two

by pilates32 on September 24, 2011

For many of our clients; certain static exercises present many challenges. This move is no exception. It challenges the body’s ability to hold neutral spine in a prone position, whilst holding stable the weight of the rest of the body and activating the upper and lower body simultaneously. Hence the reason why it suits the second part of this videoblog series focusing on core stability.

The Full Plank, or full leg pull on the hands is a difficult Pilates exercise to master, but once able, you can progress this exercise on to many avenues in an advanced Pilates workout. The exercise requires firm stability of all areas of the core (abdominals, obliques, transverse abdominus and the erector spinae), whilst at the time requires strong stabilisation of the scapula, shoulders and arms. For those of you readers who have subscribed to the “3 moves to transform you” membership on the right hand side, you would have had already experienced an adapted version of this move (the leg pull from the forearms). This is by no means any easy, but rather different in how it works and what it works.

In this video, I highlight some common mistakes that can occur with the pelvis if you find you are not strong enough. If you find you do struggle; do not give up. Rather start easier, holding for less time or progressing from a lower level. I do personally recommend looking at our lower level series. Oh and I forgot to mention. I added in the roll down to this version of the leg pull, so you can start from the feet. You may wish to take it from the knees instead and lift up into the exercise from there. The roll down and walk out to the leg pull provide addition strengthening of the core (the focus of this issue). This exercise is taken from our medium level series; Core Strength and Stability.

I hope you enjoy!

All the best

Author: Ian Harris

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