Increasing Core Stability

by pilates32 on September 18, 2011

Developing core stability is one of the biggest advantages of following a Pilates exercise program. Pilates offers opportunity to develop core stability alongside improving flexibility, coordination and mobility of major muscles and joints. If you are stable; you are less prone to injury and give opportunity to further your own fitness progress further on down the road. Increasing stability not only improves muscle function surrounding the spine, hence; holding us stable, but also it leaves us looking stronger, leaner and taller.

This first move, focuses on developing stabilisers in our abdominals and hip flexors. If you find yourself with weakness in these areas, you may struggle to hold neutral spine as well as holding a tall posture when seated. This short video gives you a chance to progress from holding on to releasing the hands as you articulate (piece by piece control) the spine. Remember the focus is not on speed or on how many you can do, it is on control. Too many people are quick to move on without perfecting the exercise from a foundational level. This video is taken from the lower level series, you can access this here page. Enjoy!

You may wish to share your thoughts on this video below in our comment section, or even suggestion themes for our next video blog. Is there something you need help with? An exercise you may be looking for? I am due to be filming some new exercises this coming week, so let me know so I can include it in our next feature. Filming was supposed to be last week, but I fell sick on the day of filming and having a cough and a cold on film wouldn’t advertise Pilates too well. So we have rescheduled the Pilates video shoot for this coming week.

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Author: Ian Harris

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