More Pilates = More Energy

by pilates32 on October 23, 2011

[dropcap1]A[/dropcap1]long with its other substantial amount of benefits, Pilates is one of the only exercises I know that can leave you feeling more energetic and more vibrant at the end of a session then compared to when you started. It is not uncommon for one of our clients to attend a Pilates session quite tired from a long day at work and somehow leave full of energy and vigour as if the day was just beginning.  For an instructor, such a phenomenon (if you could class it as that) has kept people coming to my classes throughout the year, knowing full well that although Pilates is the last thing they feel like doing right now, it is the one thing their body and mind needs to do.

I almost considered naming the title of this article; “More Pilates Equals More Productivity.” I only didn’t because of all those of you out there that might assume that following along to a Pilates32 tutorial will get that endless stack of paperwork magically finished.  But I know for me, Pilates offers an opportunity to wake up and increase energy to work that little bit harder towards my business, my work or whatever project I may be undertaking.

You could only assume that the opportunity to de-stress that Pilates offers is the main contributing factor for this increased energy. But there must be more science behind it than that, surely? Of course there is. Deep breathing, muscle contractions and stretching has proven to aid in the circulation of the lymphatic system, clearing excess fluid from the lymph system and increasing the circulation of blood and oxygen. The various exercises controlled by the stability of the pelvis have proven to increase lymphatic circulation much more than other exercise methods. The clearing of metabolic waste from the body’s lymph system will in turn increase energy and reduce the feelings of fatigue.

So the next time you feel too tired to do Pilates, maybe that just exactly what you need.


Author: Ian Harris

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