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Use Pilates To Improve Your Core Strength

March 23, 2012

Only recently have fitness professionals realized the importance of having good core strength when it comes to fitness training and achieving our weight loss and body transformation goals. Core strength used to be associated with how many sit ups we can do, or how many crunches we perform at the end of a training session. [...]

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Get Our Complete Pilates Video System ABSOLUTELY FREE

March 14, 2012

As Pilates 32 continues to grow (and may I just say this community hasn’t been up and running for long) the more I am regularly stunned at how many visitors the site receives each day and how many people join the community. It has always been my intention to make this system of exercise available [...]

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Developing Strong Abs and a Strong Core: Part Two

March 10, 2012

Whilst sit-ups and crunch type exercises are not always the most suitable for developing core strength and mobility, they do certainly play an important role within a Pilates workout. Flexion of the spine, similar to that performed in a crunch or a leg raise type exercise can be very beneficial when developing strong abdominal muscles [...]

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Developing Strong Abs and a Strong Core: Part One

March 4, 2012

Not only do many people want to feel strong, they want to look strong too. We are concerned with that which we can see, probably much more that we are concerned with how we feel or how we are in regards to health and fitness. Thankfully, Pilates takes care of both. It not only improves [...]

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Pilates: A System For Ordinary People

March 3, 2012

For many of us, exercise is a daunting task. From the outside looking in, the fitness environment can be intimidating and a far reach from our own reality, almost surreal or fictional. So when we approach someone for help, a strong fit fitness instructor may not have an understanding of where you’re coming from. You [...]

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