Pilates At Home: Why It Works

by pilates32 on December 29, 2011

Performing Mat Pilates at home offers a solution to many problems with modern day conventional fitness methods. Its your space and your time. Little or even no equipment is needed. It minimises all excuses from completing the task and most importantly it generates remarkable results. Extraordinary results.

For the small percentage of the population, working out in the gym is ideal. Why wouldn’t it be. They have all the time in the world, can make any class they wish and have the money to dispose on instructors, one on one sessions and tailored classes. For us who have to actually go to work, run a home and build relationships with family and friends, getting to the gym between their restricted opening times just doesn’t work. Maybe if they ran a class at 9pm, but who wants to go out and do that at this time. Add this to the ever increasing prices of health clubs these days and the nice studio gym isn’t so appealing as we’d thought. We live in a fast paced world and we need a training program that suits the lifestyle we live.

The fitness industry is well aware of this. So many people have created systems of training that allow people to train at home. They promise fat loss results, six pack abs and muscle building capabilities. For many, these work. But for some, it doesn’t

Why wouldn’t it work?

Well in most cases, these home based programs demand high intensity training and movement patterns that require a level of learning and understanding before they are performed at high intensity. If you have never been taught how to squat properly without seriously damaging your hips, knees and lower back how can you be expected to follow a program that requires you perform hundreds at a time. For people who sit in office all day; bad posture, short anterior muscles and weak posterior muscles will prevent you from getting the most out of these programs and the result will be injury and further disappointment. Recently I read articles explaining the severe injuries connected with following hard training systems that focused on advanced plyometric and dynamic strength exercises without much consideration for preparation.

It is for this exact reason I designed the Pilates System here at Pilates 32. Its the reason why I got into corrective exercise and Pilates in the first place. I realised people need a convenient training program that guarantees results, works with their hectic schedule and doesn’t pose a risk of injury early on in the program. Pilates at home works! It works because it allows people to progress at the right pace and to adapt when necessary to meet their individual needs. I’m not saying our system is the only one that works, as there are many good proven systems out there that work when performed at home. Just ensure when looking for a Pilates system, you find one that offers progressions, adaptation, thorough explanation and finally results.

Whatever you choose to follow, make sure it works for you. I’d love to hear your feedback below, so be sure to comment. Be sure to sign up and receive all the cool stuff we have to offer and check out the Pilates 32 System too.

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