Pilates Benefits Are Unique

by pilates32 on April 5, 2012

Pilates sits in a category on its own. It cannot be compared or contrasted to other types of exercise such as aerobics, boxercise or even the recently made popular Zumba. This is something I was telling one of my personal clients recently. She was struggling from knee problems and had tried various exercise classes to see which one would suit her best. Besides Pilates none did the job.

Pilates is unique because it is able to train the body in a way that many other exercise methods do not. Performing exercises with control and precision rather than with speed and high levels of intensity, protect the body from over straining injuries commonly occurring in the gym setting. Pilates is unique in it’s benefits, as it is able to increase both the muscular strength and endurance of each person that uses it. Pilates is designed to improve posture and body strength, flexibility and mobility. It is design to exercise the body and at the same to provide rehabilitative properties such improved pelvic alignment, lower back strength and increased hip mobility.

Pilates for many sits as an addition to other activities in their lifestyle. Pilates can help the runner improve postural alignment when running and keep their core muscle strong and enduring. Pilates is popularly used amongst horse riders to improve how they sit on the horse, their hip mobility and riding technique. Pilates can help many people in many different ways. Even professional dancers will use Pilates daily to stretch and condition the body between shows and competitions.

The benefits of Pilates make this exercise method unique and diverse amongst many different groups of people. This is why so many medical professionals seems to use it. But in many cases for them, it is to cure and recover from problems rather than prevent them that it serves its purpose.

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