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by pilates32 on August 25, 2011

[dropcap1]H[/dropcap1]ave you ever brought or been sold something under the impression it would do one thing and then several weeks down the road it hasn’t? Maybe a fat loss pill that promised miraculous results or an abs machine that promised a six pack with just ten minutes of your time a day. It’s frustrating. If you’re like me, then I’m sure you have had enough of all the gimmicks and the marketing scams that convince you that there is some new secret out there that promises results. Growing up, I wanted to look great, feel great and live great. I didn’t want to be the guy in the suit with the gut hanging over his trouser line, or the guy with too higher body fat I couldn’t keep up with anyone else. I was in pursuit of the truth; of how to live and look my very best.

This is why I began learning about proper training, why I went on to graduate with a first class honours in sports physiology and why I work as a personal trainer, strength coach and a Pilates teacher. I went out to find the truth about fat loss, weight loss and all other things “loss” related, and I tried a lot of them. I have also had the opportunity to meet a lot of other people who have tried a long list of other big promise products. This is how I came to do what I do today. This is why I now mix several different training methods into my week to make my body the best it can be! I run, lift weights, skip and most of all I do Pilates. I do Pilates every day. I do it because it makes me look and feel amazing. I left my ego in the gym following many injuries and began doing what was right for my body. Instead of sitting on the couch in the evening, I always discipline myself to hit the carpet and stretch, do some back extensions, abdominal work and anything else I feel needs doing. I do this because it works. It works to keep my posture upright and optimal. It makes my hips and spine mobile and keeps me supple. And it helps keep me lean, toned and injury free.

So many Pilates programs promise weight loss and offer something else. They certainly help increase mobility and correct postural issues. These are all very important benefits. But the intensity and effort that they require falls far short from a weight loss program. There has to be some flare about these workouts. That when you leave the floor or the gym, you feel it, that you wake up the next day aching cause you worked so hard and that your metabolic rate has become a fiery furnace ready to eat fat straight from your hips.

The medium and higher level series from Pilates 32 are of a high intensity for a reason. They promise to reshape your body and help you lose weight properly, without losing the underlying control and principles that Pilates has to offer. Throughout the videos, I offer opportunity to do more reps, or to hold moves that little longer. Once you have the technique down, do it!!! Push your body beyond its limits to maximise its weight loss capacity. Add in some runs throughout the week, some weight sessions or anything else you feel like doing. Eat right! Eat according to the guidelines of the 32diet that you receive once you have downloaded the series. Do all these things and I can guarantee you will you will see success and look amazing.

Take advantage of our full series offer for both the “core strength and stability” and “reshape and strengthen” series. Only £15.99 for each series, thats 3 videos of over 32 minutes of Pilates.

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