Say No To A Tight Back

by pilates32 on June 9, 2011

Back pain can be a real a pain. Big full stop. It can leave us unable to work, unable to enjoy the things we love to do and it can also leave us quite unable to move. It can come for many reasons, from a bad fall, an unwise movement or from just bad habits and bad lifestyle behaviours. Whilst some causes can’t be avoided, neither prevented, we can protect ourselves from future injury by doing the right exercises at the right time.

With a website dedicated to Pilates, it is obvious that Pilates can help prevent and eradicate a bad back. But what it does precisely might not be so clear. Well firstly, Pilates strengthens the core muscles that surround the spine, to improve support and protection around the skeletal structure. By doing this, the spine is more durable against heaving lifting or unexpected jolts that may come day to day. Secondly, Pilates brings the pelvis back into alignment by lengthening short muscles and strengthening those that were weak.

In many cases the back may be in agony, due to over tightening of the lumbar region, gluteals and hamstrings. This tightness can really pull on the spine, maybe you sit uncomfortably and struggle to reach for your toes. Pilates, more specifically exercises such as the roll down, roll up and jack-knife for example, can increase the flexibility of the posterior chain, the group of muscles that run down the back. This can loosen the pressure on the lower back and relieve the symptoms of back pain attributed to this cause.

The rehabilitative focus of Pilates need not be over strenuous. It can be performed at relaxed pace in order to improve posture and mobility. If you have been recommended to do Pilates by a medical professional, be sure to take a look at the Pilates System we have here at Pilates 32. I know it will really help you and is convenient to use in your time at home.

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