Some Top Tips For The Pilates Beginner

by pilates32 on November 27, 2011

Starting any new exercise system can be daunting to anyone, no matter how fit or experienced you might think you are.

If you are a beginner to Pilates, chances are you have looked into the exercise method, through recommendation, friend referral or just because you have heard from its reputation that it works. Well you would certainly be right; it does work. But being a beginner or a newbie to the method makes walking into a class or studio just that little bit scary, or maybe very scary. You are aware that it is going to work you core muscles in ways you never thought possible, what if you can’t do the exercises? What if you accidentally break wind? It happens, trust me! Almost every week when I taught full time, this would happen (choosing whether to laugh or pretend you didn’t hear it is the tough decision). What if you are doing the exercises wrong, then everyone would know you’re a beginner.

If this sounds like you, then these tips are for you. My personal guide to help beginners start on their Pilates journey without making common mistakes. Mistakes that could leave you worse off then before you started.

Know The Pilates Principles And Keep Reminding Yourself Of Them

Anyone who knows Pilates, knows the Pilates principles. Six principles pioneered by Joseph Pilates that lay the foundation for all types of Pilates exercise.

As a beginner, if we can seek to uphold these principles whenever we approach a class or a video tutorial, then can only be successful. These principles are:

Centering. This is remembering to bring our focus of attention to our centre, our core. Understanding that each movement initiates here and is controlled from the muscles surrounding our core, pelvis and lower spine. As a beginner, remember to activate your centre before any exercise and you’ll be fine!

Concentration. Pilates demands focus from your mind as well as your body. Bring your full attention to each exercise and don’t allow your mind to wander. That way, you reduce risk of injury and receive the full benefit from each move.

Control. Have control with every movement. Do not rush an exercise, perform it so that it controls you. No, you are in control. If you cannot perform it under control, then that’s a good sign that that exercise is beyond you. This is not a bad thing to admit from time to time. As a beginner stay within your own control.

Precision. In Pilates, it is the small precise movements that make the world of difference. Remember as a beginner to be precise and have good attention to detail.

Breath. Probably the toughest for most beginners to get used to. We must control and time our breathing correctly in Pilates. Exercises are coordinated with a pattern of breathing. Time your breathing to correspond to you movements, such as an inhale on a lift or an exhale on an extension.

Flow. Finally do your best to flow in Pilates. From one exercise to another, as well as from one body part to another. Moving up and down the spine in such a way that shows control and rhythm. This is an important principle many Pilates beginners forget.

Know How So Set Up And Warm Up Properly

If you are a beginner, make sure you know how to set up and warm up properly for a Pilates session. You only put yourself at more risk if you jump straight in to exercises without taking the time to engage the core, pelvic floor and surrounding muscles.

I like to take my clients through a series of mobility and balance exercises before a Pilates session, as well as taking time to activate the core and apply the six principles from above.

Here is an example of a warm up I would do with a beginner to Pilates (this is also accessible for download and to keep; here).

Practice At Home With Us

If you are not yet confident about going to a class, or you would rather train from home, then let us help you. We developed the Pilates 32 system, to develop you from beginner right through to advanced. Allowing you to train in the comfort of your own home, not having to worry about paying extensive gym fees or trying to make the class just after work. This way you can train with Pilates on your own.

If you want to know more, why not invest in the Total Pilates 32 system today. All 9 videos, over three levels developing you from beginner to advanced. We guarantee results with this system!

Find out more about the system and our latest offers by clicking this link!!

If you are struggling to get started as a beginner and you need that little kick, use these tips to help you on the road towards success. Once you’ve mastered them, try a full workout video from us, or contact your local gym or studio and book yourself in. Believe in yourself!!

All the best

Author: Ian Harris

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