Start The Day Right

by pilates32 on November 13, 2010

[dropcap1]E[/dropcap1]stablishing an effective morning routine, is key to making the most of your day and accomplishing all that you set out to achieve. I find it so much more effective to train in the morning before I do anything else, so I am entering the day feeling strong and more energetic.

If I don’t get up as planned, then I will spend the rest of the day wishing I would have got up and trained hard, as well as trying to figure out when I can now fit my workout into my evening; it just doesn’t work. Over sleeping makes me less productive at work and less on point when it comes to eating well and staying hydrated. Many times if we allow ourselves to snooze several times and we get up late, we miss our planned time of training or Pilates workouts and we don’t prepare a good healthy breakfast. We settle for refined cereals and excessive amounts of caffeine. Our blood sugar levels go sky high and then we are on a downhill slope for the rest of the day.

Take control of your mornings

[list bullet="circle"]

  • Don’t hit the snooze get up straight away
  • Drink a pint of water immediately
  • Walk around a bit, and performing some standing mobility exercises
  • Do a Pilates workout (I recommend core strength and stability)
  • Go to work ready to get promoted!
  • [/list]

    Start the day right.

    Trust me, you’ll feel the difference.


    Author: Ian Harris

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