Strengthen Your Lower Back with Pilates

by pilates32 on June 5, 2011

How often do we train our lower backs? Although many big compound movements activate muscles in our lower back, many training methods neglect isolated moves that focus just on the lower back muscles. For many, we think first about the muscles we can see rather than those we can’t. Those that look good rather than those that play a part in keeping us healthy and injury free.

Over training of the abdominals and frontal core muscles, leaves our lower backs weakened and lengthened. This can have detrimental effects on our posture and our progress as a whole. When we train our posterior chain and in particular our lower back, we find that our progress towards our fitness and weight loss goals is much improved.

The lower back is not difficult to train. It can be done by using Pilates several times a week, following simple workouts in a time to suit you. By doing Pilates at home, you can strengthen the lower back and improve the mobility of our lower backs. As well, this improvement will result in improved hip mobility and thoracic spine mobility, all contributing factors towards healthy backs and spines.

If you are struggling with fitness progress and are having problems with posture. Remember to train your lower back using Pilates. This is the ultimate supplement to any strength training program.

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