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Pilates Video Tutorials

Pilates 32 video tutorials are easy to download and simple to follow, with no monthly subscription required. Taught by Professional instructors, these workouts will help you achieve what you set out to. Download now »



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Latest Pilates News

Articles and news which help increase your understanding of Pilates and all it can do for you. What works best? Which exercises do what? Advice and tips from educated and experience authors . read more »



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Beyond Pilates

We understand that there is more to fitness then just Pilates. Once you have become injury and pain free, maybe you want to lose more weight, increase strength, reduce your body fat, or run a marathon. Whatever your goals, let us help. read more »



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Health and Lifestyle

With all that increased energy you’ve got from Pilates, you can now do more, achieve more and experience more. This section discusses life and health in general, things to inspire and motivate, things to eat and much more. read more »