The Best Pilates Routine To See Results From Home

by pilates32 on April 22, 2012

Why this post maybe the last Pilates post you may ever need to read

This may just be the longest article I have ever written. In fact it doesn’t even contain that many words, rather just videos. What I am about to share with you is for me the best way for anyone to approach a Pilates workout at home. It is it’s entirety a complete workout starting from standing and finishing at standing. If you are looking to do a complete Pilates workout at home, you have come to the right place

I am about to show you how to do a complete Pilates at home and see amazing body transforming results!

If you are looking to lose weight, build incredible core strength, become more supple and mobile, then keep reading. I must warn you that this workout is for you average Joes out there and is not designed for anybody with specific spinal or postural problems. If you have any injuries please stick to what the physio gave you, or search for a workout specific to your needs.

Ok, so with that out the way, what can you expect from this post as you read and follow along to the video tutorials. Firstly I will share with you in order, how I warm up, prepare and flow into a Pilates workout. Instead of jumping from the floor to the feet and back again, I mostly always follow a specific flowing routine to maximise my clients’ results and work all the muscles of the core

Oh and before you start, the exercises I am about to share with you are from a variety of levels from the Pilates 32 system. Some are for beginners, some more advanced. If you like it be sure to sign up for our full beginner tutorial, or even try the whole system by clicking download above.

Where to start? The warm up and the set-up; these are vital to your success!

Firstly start standing and prepare the core. Begin to mobilise yourself and improve balance and coordination with the following video. Take your time. It may feel silly at first but it is so worth it! It will maximise your results and increase the benefits of the following moves.

Ready? Lets roll down!

I always start my Pilates workouts with the rolldown. It mobilises the spine and stretches the entire posterior chain. Focus on the piece by piece motion and take your time. Feel yourself become more flexible as you complete each move.

Once I have down the roll downs, I continue to repeat the move with the addition of walk outs into the full plank. This starts the workout with good stability exercises. Stability is key to Pilates!

Remember you can repeat these moves as many times as you like. Increase the intensity by increasing the repetitions. But don’t rush, quality is better then quantity.

Then I do more Core Stability….. plus a little mobility

So then I take my clients through some stability sequences. Here’s one example for you to try. Remember to keep your core engaged at 30 (as explained in the first video) and keep your core stable!

Stay lying on your front and lets do some extension work

Spinal extension work is key to a Pilates sequence. Extension exercises should be done progressively, applying the principles of control and precision. Do not throw your self into a chest lift, but rather control the movement from the ground and maintain 30.

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So here’s the fun stuff! Roll on to your back

Following a prone sequence on the front, I usually transition into some supine work on our back. This is what most people enjoy the most. The feel the work in the abdominals and if they are new to Pilates, they feel it for some days after too. Here are two key moves that I use in a lot of my workouts. I usually prepare the abdominals with some easy crunch and leg extension work and then progress into the following.

And of course it wouldn’t be Pilates without the hundred..

And then a little side work

Following a combination of moves focusing on the anterior muscles of the core, such as the abdominals, I then take my clients through some side sequences. Whether it be hip work, stability or even obliques, make sure you do both sides. Here is an advanced plank move taken from the advanced series of the Pilates 32 system.

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Never neglect hip work! It can be the difference between back strength and back ache!

I never go a Pilates routine without performing some isolated hip work. On this occasion, return to a lying position on the back and try this:

Then I do some seated routines…

Following work on the back, I take my clients into a seated and do some isolated moves here. These exercises might include spine twists, rotational work and some postural correction. It is always fun to throw in some challenging stability moves as well as some progressive stretches in the seated position. Here is a great seated exercise for you to try:

How was it… if you found this helpful or have any questions be sure to add a comment below. I’ll do my best to respond as quick as possible. If you are going to criticise or share a negative comment though, please don’t. Email me instead.

And to finish…

I always finish with a stretch routine. Increasing my clients flexibility by stretching the hamstrings, hip flexors, gluteals and lower back are always key to this routine. This helps relax my clients and make them feel supple and leaner before they leave me for the week or however long it might be.

Following the stretch, I would progressively move back on to the front, and with some stretches back on the knees I would progressively roll them back up into standing as we did at the start. That way they finish where they started. Feeling refreshed and revitalised!

I hope you feel this way too

What to do now?

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