The Problem Isn’t Your Back; Its Your Hips.

by pilates32 on October 4, 2011

In a world where we sit to much, rarely stretch and lean to one side when we stand, it is no surprise that our hip mobility is both limited and extremely unbalanced. It is not uncommon for your average Joe to have tight hips and in particular one hip tighter than the other (normally caused from all that leaning on one side when he stands). Unbalance and lack of mobility can cause both our hip flexors and piriformis muscle to become tight and our gluteals to be too weak to support everyday movement. When this occurs, our lower back takes over in supporting movement to compensate for the lack of hip strength and mobility. The result consequently is a bad lower back and a terrible posture.

In each Pilates 32 Video Series hip focused exercises are included to bring the posture back into alignment and ensure the hips become more mobile and much stronger. As a result the gluteals and hip flexors support more of the movement, taking the strain away from the lower back. Taking the time to strengthen the hip mobilisers may not only eradicate lower back issues you may be having, but also reduce symptoms of sciatica and knee stress.

The following short clip gives an example of an exercise that can be done to help increase hip mobility. Maintaining neutral spine, a 30% engagement and a stable torso will ensure you activate the appropriate muscles to control the movement. Why not give it a try?

Enjoyed this video? Check out the full thing on our home page; we guarantee you will feel the difference immediately.

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Author: Ian Harris

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