Trade in the Gym for a Pilates Video

by pilates32 on May 25, 2011

With working hours getting longer and money becoming tighter then ever before, many people are looking for different ways to save money and cut back on their expenses. Our health and fitness may still remain a priority and the last thing we really want to do is ditch the gym membership and find another alternative to training. But giving up the gym may not only save you money, but may also re-motivate you and improve your results towards weight loss and muscles development.

Instead of paying a monthly fee for the gym, why not buy one Pilates video system and follow along at home. Pilates is a full body workout designed to increase muscle tone, core strength and aid towards weight loss and body transformation. Mat based Pilates uses body weight exercises to increase metabolism, burn calories and overload the muscles to become stronger. Alongside these benefits, Pilates also improves flexibility, mobility and posture. So not only do you work hard each time you train, but you also leave each workout feeling more healthy and more supple then before you started.

Following a Pilates system at home using a video tutorial system gives the added benefit of time flexibility. You need not make a scheduled class or training session, but you can do it at a time and at a pace to suit you. As you follow along from the video, you will learn the basic principles that make up the beginner series. As you develop, the exercises progress to a higher level, which require more strength and muscular endurance from your core muscles as well as those muscles in the upper and lower body. As you get fitter and stronger following Pilates you will not only feel the difference in your day to day strength, but you will also begin to see the difference visually. With a trimmer waist and a leaner looking body, it won’t be long before you are recommending Pilates to all of your friends.

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