Use Pilates To Improve Your Core Strength

by pilates32 on March 23, 2012

Only recently have fitness professionals realized the importance of having good core strength when it comes to fitness training and achieving our weight loss and body transformation goals. Core strength used to be associated with how many sit ups we can do, or how many crunches we perform at the end of a training session. But now we realize that it is much more than this. Core strength is as much about the stability of the core as it is about mobility. It is about keeping the core muscles in such a balance that they operate to keep the back and spine healthy. This in turn promotes good posture and helps keep the rest of the body strong and injury free.

The core muscles and lumbar region is unique in regards to how exposed it is from the rest of the body. Many joints and bones elsewhere in the body, sit encapsulated by other joints and bones, providing what seems to be a strong structure. The lumbar region of the spine relies solely on the muscles surrounding it to keep it in place. If these muscles don’t work so well, then we are at risk of injury and we are also hindering our achievement in the gym.

Core training is well achieved with the method known as Pilates. Pilates uses body weight exercises to strengthen the core whilst increasing flexibility and mobility at the joints and muscles. Pilates involves exercises which both flex and extend the spine, strengthening both the anterior and posterior muscles. So in simple terms, you get the benefit of great abs alongside a strong lower back. Pilates also trains and strengthens the hips and hamstrings and all the other muscles that have immediate contact with our core. If these are all strong and working effectively, our core is much stronger, supple and stable.

Pilates is so easy to do at home in your own time and at your own convenience. Using a Pilates video system you can learn the principles of the method to enable you to progress to a high level of strength. Pilates at home has many levels of difficulty and each exercise can be progressed up to five times before you find you have reached your limit for that move.

Pilates is a very effective way to train especially if you are looking to improve your core strength. It’s reputation speaks for itself. Pilates has had much media attention for all that it has done for celebrities, royality and ordinary people like you and me. It has the ability to take an ordinary person and make them and their body shape extraordinary. I promise you, Pilates can work for you. Why not give it a go?


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