Use Pilates to Improve Your Posture

by pilates32 on March 19, 2011

If you are suffering from lower back pain, aching joints at the hips or even some shoulder pain or neck ache, these could all be symptoms of bad posture. Posture is simply defined as the alignment of our body position when standing, taking into consideration the position of our spine, pelvis and shoulders. Postural issues can stem from many causes and have effects elsewhere on the body. For example, a misalignment at the hips may result in an incorrect knee position making one susceptible to knee injuries such as ligament tears.

The method of Pilates was designed to correct and realign the posture of the body. By strengthening the muscles that surround the core, you can not only increase the stability of the torso but also improve it’s position. Many times, postural problems occur at the pelvis and lumbar region of the spine. Weak lower back muscles allow the pelvis to pull forward or backward, altering the overall curvature of the lumbar and thoracic region. This will have detrimental effects on the whole body, effecting the shoulders and knees as well as the immediate area. Pilates will bring balance to the muscles that support this region causing the pelvis to take an optimal position for everyday life.

Pilates is a simple exercise to use and can be done at home using a Pilates video or DVD system. At home you can learn the principles that underpin the Pilates method and apply them to every exercise you do. These principles include control, precision, concentration and the art of focusing on your centre for every exercise. Within just a few sessions your core will feel stronger and more supple, whilst your posture will begin to realign and improve. Pilates is an exercise method that everyone should use, young or old, elite athlete or average Joe. It is designed to make you more healthy and less prone to injury. Why not give it a try?

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