Using Pilates to Help a Tight Back

by pilates32 on March 25, 2011

Many times back pain can be caused by bad lifestyle habits, such as sitting badly in the office or standing the wrong way for long periods of time. Not showing concern for your posture can lead to the muscles in the lower back and posterior chain of the body becoming tight. As they become tight, they can pull on and apply pressure to the spine, leaving us experiencing a great deal of agony.

Pilates is an excellent solution to a tight back. Exercises such as the roll down or one leg stretch can help improve flexibility around the lumbar region. The lower back can become stronger and more mobile, making it less susceptible to become tight under life’s circumstances. Pilates is designed to strengthen and mobilize the core, increasing flexibility and also improving posture. By following a Pilates system you will also increase the flexibility of your hamstrings and also your upper back. Pilates is an easy affordable solution to back problems and in many cases is used by physiotherapist and medical professionals.

So if you are experiencing back problems and a tight back, why not try doing Pilates?

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