What is Pilates and why 32?

by pilates32 on November 17, 2011

Our friends doing it, our neighbour started using it and our colleague at work swears by it. But, what is it? What is Pilates?

Well quite simply, Pilates is an exercise method that transforms the way your body looks, moves and feels.

Designed by Joseph Pilates, this is an exercise method that improves overall physical and mental health. It focuses on developing core strength, increased mobility, flexibility and postural correction. It builds, tones and slims where many exercise methods fail to do so, helping its user develop an amazing looking core, both at the stomach and at the hips. Whilst developing strong core muscles, you will also increase control and awareness of your pelvic floor and pelvic placement, alongside total body transformation.

Is it just another fitness craze? No way! Unlike other fitness fads that come and go, Pilates is the only one that has stood the test of time and been adopted into many fitness regimes. From dancers, to athletes to physiotherapists, so many people around the world use Pilates to make what they are doing even more effective. This isn’t just some other way to break a sweat and burn calories. We’re talking calorie burning, with strength building, with flexibility, mobility, rehabilitation, well the list goes on.

Why 32?

Pilates 32 is a system of Pilates designed for the ordinary person.

Pilates 32 does not require you to be at a level of fitness already in order to follow along. Pilates 32 was designed by Ian Harris with ordinary people in mind. Combining Exercise physiology, strength training principles and the fundamentals of Pilates, Pilates 32 is a system that is easy to follow and progress from just a single mat, or space on your carpet.

So many fitness programs and Pilates systems demand too much from users to early on. Actually putting them at more risk of injury then helping to eradicate it. I hope you find a method that suits you here at Pilates 32.

And why 32? Well… that would be telling too much

If you are interested in our system, 10 videos taking you through the journey from a complete beginner to advanced, then check out our Pilates download page

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