Why Pilates is So Good for Weight Loss

by pilates32 on November 25, 2011

You may have heard of Pilates through friends, family or even through TV advertising. It has become famous for transforming the shape of all that do it, including celebrities and regular day to day people like you and me. Pilates is a system of exercise that improves core strength and develops muscles around the torso and the spine. Not only is it good for fitness but it also has rehabilitation benefits associated with postural alignment and spinal placement.

You may know that it works, but do you know why Pilates works so well for weight loss. Well let me tell you. Pilates focuses on the hard to reach muscles in our lower backs, core, stomach and legs. Unlike other exercises it focuses precisely on these muscles, strengthening them, toning them and removing fat from hard to hit places.

Exercises performed in a Pilates program are done so under precision and control. By performing them at a controlled speed, higher numbers of muscles fibers are activated to support the duration of the movement. Each exercise increases the length and flexibility of the muscles used. Therefore after a Pilates session you normally feel longer and leaner. This is because you are. You have stretched and used all the muscles in your core. The recovery period after a Pilates session is well felt and because it has been so effective, the calories keep burning at rest as well as during the workout itself.

Pilates is a good training method to do both on its own and as a supplement to other training methods. For example if you are a runner, Pilates offers a good break from the road to condition your muscles, improve flexibility and keep your posture in check. You need not pay out lots of money for a course as you can do Pilates at home in a time to suit you. Just after one Pilates session you will realize the effects immediately.

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