Why Pilates is the Best Core Workout

by pilates32 on February 17, 2012

Pilates is a system of exercise designed to strengthen, mobilize and stabilize the core muscles of the body, whilst improving posture and the balance between muscles that originate at the spine. Unlike previous beliefs about core training, Pilates goes much further than training what can be visually seen. When we used to think core, we would assume that countless amounts of sit-ups and crunches would be involved, because if we have a six pack showing, then we must have strong core right? Well not actually true. Visual evidence of core muscles does not necessarily show good core strength.

Pilates gives the look of great abs and a torso, as well as developing deep core stability that keeps back pain away and prevents further injury. When following a Pilates program you will strengthen your lower back and lumbar spine by performing spinal and hip extension exercises. Pilates also trains those muscles that connect to upper and lower limbs. Improving hip flexing strength and flexibility as well as the gluteals, hamstrings, trapezius and other upper back muscles. Pilates considers the body as a chain of movements that coincide with each other. The core is responsible for many of the movements we do as most are initiated from the core muscles.

Pilates also ensures good posture and the good pelvic placement. If you have bad posture, Pilates will amend this by strengthening weak muscles in the back and lengthening short muscles elsewhere. The result is muscle balance and a postural position that is optimal. If you feel that you are suffering from an excessive curve in your lower back or maybe even a hunchback posture, Pilates will solve this issues.

Pilates is easy to do in your own time and in your own space. Many people do Pilates at home using a DVD or video as a guide. This can be easily downloaded from your computer by accessing a Pilates online resource. As you begin to learn the basic Pilates principles you can then progress through the various videos to become an advanced performer. This way, Pilates will not only be a core strengthening system but one that contributes to weight loss and muscle development. Because of the nature of exercise that Pilates is, you will begin to develop muscles in hard to hit areas such as the lower abdominals. You will find that the whole body will become leaner and more toned, such as the stomach, arms and back of the legs. This is why Pilates is so popular with Personal trainers and fitness professionals; it has proven to work time and time again. That’s why it is so recommended and this is why it will work for you. Why not give it a try?

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