Why Pilates Will Keep You on Track This New Year

by pilates32 on January 7, 2011

We do it every year. We establish new goals and new resolutions, regardless of how out stretched they may seem. We convince ourselves that a gym plan of a unrealistic intensity is do-able and although we haven’t been to the gym in months we are suddenly sure that we will make the visit several times a week as soon as the new year falls.

Are we just setting ourselves up for failure. Besides, haven’t we done this year in, year out for the last 5 years. Can we even remember what went wrong last year? Most likely we became burn out or even injured from the gruelling demands we placed on our body. This year maybe we should approach this task differently.

In many cases we decide to follow a training plan that is unrealistic and far too difficult to keep up. It demands too much of us physically and will only leave us exhausted if we were to carry it out. What you need instead is a exercise program or method, that energises, rejuvenates, inspires further progression and of course; sees results. For many people, Pilates provides the answer to their new years resolutions that will soon become standard routine later on in the year. Pilates not only offers something different to sitting on one machine for 45 minutes, it also is concerned with much more than just breaking a sweat. It offers all the benefits of core training, increased flexibility, mobility, postural improvement and at the same time leaves us looking great.

Pilates is an opportunity to break away from the regular, boring gym routine and feel much happier during the process of training. It not only in itself provides fitness and health benefits, but at the same time enhances everything else we do. Because the next time you do decide to get on the treadmill or the bike, or whatever it may be, Pilates will leave you feeling stronger, mobile and overall much better about your new years resolution.

So before you rush into the gym and start pounding away on the cross trainer. Plan to use Pilates to achieve your goals. Be realistic and you will certainly see results and continue your program past the second week of January.

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