Why Your Workout Is Doing More Bad Than Good.

by pilates32 on December 11, 2011

People who work out want two things; to look better and to feel better.

But for most people, their gym experience has led to neither. The plan they have been instructed to follow only results in them feeling more tired and with diminished motivation. Anyone who has seen success knows that that the reasons why they continue to train and pursue the feeling of ‘extraordinary’ is because something is working. “Something I am doing is right!” Seeing a difference in the mirror or on the scales can make any gym-despiser want to go back to the line of treadmills as soon as they can.

See, truth is, and I know this may hurt; most commercial gyms do not care about you. They may say they do when you first intend to join. But once the joining is over and the direct debit is set up, they really want minimal to do with you. This by no means is every gym or health club. But the commercial chain hires trainers with low experience, low qualifications and consequently pays them low wages. When you arrive to have you induction and receive some guidance, the instructor who has had every ounce of passion for fitness sucked out of him by the less inspiring gym system will provide you with a standard routine that may see some results, but they sure will be limited.

And so as time goes on, you feel less inspired to lose weight and less inspired to turn up. You see limited results and for some this experience leads to further weight gain and less desire to ever step foot in a place like that again. What an expensive waste of time.

But imagine a system that was honest. That actually cared about you and keeping you inspired to become better. That wasn’t in it to make more money at any opportunity, or to sell you products or personal training packages. Instead they took the time to analyse and transform you whole lifestyle. To tell you what you should really eat and why. A trainer who took the time to plan your training thoroughly, to ensure results that kept you free from injury and loss of motivation.

Be sure to find a fitness experience like this. That inspired you to keep going. That makes you want to go to that next class or session. That leaves you feeling. “Extraordinary.”

For my clients I ensure that not only are they challenged and progressed, but that they enjoy it in the process. I consider it essential to assess posture and include Pilates and core training within their routines as a primary focus. I extend them beyond just “a walk on the treadmill for 5 minutes and the Lat pulldown for 10 reps.” I’m not saying this to sell to you. Heck, I’ll never meet you let alone train with you. But for me; through Pilates and bodyweight training I can increase strength whilst considering mobility and flexibility. I let my clients understand that the core is the primary foundation of every movement and if this doesn’t work well, nothing will.

Seeing people see results is very rewarding. It makes me keep turning up to not only train them but train myself. So they see that I’m not some rare unusual person blessed with great body shape genes, but instead I’m as normal as the next.

An ordinary person trying to become that little more extraordinary.

Just in case you wanted to start something today, here’s a great move to add in to whatever you’re doing, wherever you are.

All the best

Author: Ian Harris

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