5 Small Things You Can Do To See Big Results In 2012

by pilates32 on January 2, 2012

Results, achievement and success. The combination of which make us better versions of ourselves. We all make resolutions that result in one of the three. We want to be come more extraordinary. In health, fitness, life, business and experiences.

But living great is a marathon more than a sprint. Its the sum of commitment on a daily basis, small changes that add up to big ones and setting goals that are realistic, achievable and mist importantly long lasting.

No doubt you want to get healthier this year. Otherwise you wouldn’t be ready a website dedicated to the subject. well, here’s five small things I’m doing that contribute to big success:

Drink more Water and Green Tea

Go for a run once a week

Do Pilates at home for at least 15 minutes, 3 times a week

Cut out bread

Sleep Well

What small things are you changing?

For a easy to follow diet, thats completely Free!!! Check out The Small Change diet. By introducing small changes to your eating, exercise and lifestyle you see amazing results.

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