Why Pilates 32 Is Dedicated To Helping You Become Extraordinary

If your looking for an exercise program that combines all the benefits of Pilates, body weight training and fat loss thinking; you’ve come to the right place.

If you suffer form lower back pain, poor spinal or hip mobility or lack of flexibility you also have come to the right place.

Here’ s why

Having an extraordinary body, both in look and performance, whilst at the same time staying injury free, is not achieved by endless crunches or sit-ups that threaten to throw our spine into disarray. Neither will the constant stress of gym-based exercises benefit our joints, flexibility and body shape long term.

Most strength coaches, professional athletes and personal trainers implement the benefits of Pilates and corrective exercise into their workout programs to ensure people not only look and feel amazing, but their body functions at its best.

We at Pilates 32 want to make all this information available to you through the medium of video as well as other on-line resources.

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What Other People Are Saying About Pilates 32

“Pilates 32 helped me get rid of my back pain, making me move better” – Sarah (39, London England)

“The workouts from Pilates 32 have helped me lose weight and increase my energy for life” – Val (40, Kent England)

“Following the Pilates 32 workout works so well with my schedule. Finishing work late means I can still practice Pilates in my own time without having to make a class” – Ruth (51, Kent, England)

“Pilates 32 helped increase my flexibility, mobility and recovery for when I’m weight lifting or playing basketball” – Mike – (29,Fort Wayne Indiana)

In many cases, people discover Pilates following recommendations from medical professionals such as physiotherapists or chiropractors. By this time, you may already have back pain or postural difficulties. Pilates 32 is here to help you prevent these issues later on in life. Helping you become stronger, healthier and more energetic. Not to mention you’ll look pretty awesome too.

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About Ian Harris

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Pilates 32 was founded by Ian Harris in 2010. With a Bachelor Degree in Sports Physiology, as well as numerous Pilates, fitness and strength qualifications, Ian intends to live extraordinary.

After following many different gym based programs and experiencing several severe sporting injuries, Ian began implementing Pilates to help take his personal achievement to a higher level. Not only did Pilates change and improve his life, but also the lives of all his clients that he was personal training at the time.

From here, Ian created the Pilates 32 program; combining his Pilates understanding with a background of strength and conditioning and sports physiology; making this method more relevant to the general public, as opposed to unrealistic fitness models or elite athletes. Ian continues teaching people the benefits of Pilates 32, through one on one training, studio classes and on-line tutorials.

Ian knows that by no means is he the perfect, finished product. Rather he is as real as they get. He continues to seek a level of extraordinary health and fitness through the Pilates 32 method.

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