All We Want From You Is Your Commitment

by pilates32 on December 1, 2012

“For changes to be of any true value, they’ve got to be lasting and consistent.” Anthony Robbins

Our goals and our visions can easily become distracted, especially over the short term. For many things regarding our health and fitness, there is no quick fix or rapid solution that can replace that of commitment and determination. Great marketing can convince you that some special machine can help you lose weight or can help improve your posture and body shape, but the truth is only commitment and hard work can do that.

Pilates never changed someone in two weeks. It did however introduce them to what it feels like to become gradually stronger and to use their bodies in the fullest of ways. If you stick at it for more than just a few weeks you will see the difference. I guarantee it. Not only will it help change your posture, improve your core strength and flexibility, but it will inspire you to eat healthier, pursue other forms of exercise and go on to do greater things.

Pilates is not the only solution, but it sure is a good start. For many who have ignored their bodies for several years and are now looking to reintroduce themselves to some form of movement, Pilates is ideal. That is of course my opinion and you would think that of me as I am writing on a Pilates website. But to be honest, it may not be for you. It may be that you try it and would rather do something else. That’s ok, that’s why my video course is free. So you don’t offend me (only joking).

Whatever you choose to do, it is not the program that will be the biggest contributing factor to your success. It’s your commitment. Since this week over 500 people have signed up and used our videos free. Some have loved it, some have found it isn’t for them. I just hope that it is contributing and adding value to somebody’s life.

All the best for now.


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