Back Pain Relief

Everyone Hates Getting Back Pain. So Refuse To Have It

Back pain is a big pain! No one likes suffering from a bad back, especially when it hinders our movements and prevents us from doing the things we love.

But the truth is; through bad lifestyle, lack of education and general laziness, we will all suffer from it at some point or another

Why is it so horrible? Because every movement we do originates from our core. And if our core is suffering, so to will all other movements and muscles. I remember times when my back pain was so bad I couldn’t lift myself out of bed. That taught me to lift heavy stuff without thinking

So Why Not, Develop A Strong, Balanced Back That Says NO To Back Pain

Pilates 32 can help develop a strong core and a strong back that is protected against back pain in the future.

Why wait until the problem occurs; people always say prevention is better than the cure. Well its so true

These following articles will help you to develop a strong back, whilst realigning your posture back to neutral spine and improving overall mobility.

Click the links below to begin learning how to build a solid strong back!

Battling Back Pain With Pilates

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The Problem Isn’t Your Back, Its Your Hips

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