Core Stability

How Increasing Core Stability Will not Only Make You Live Better; You’ll Look Amazing Too

Fitness professionals are beginning to realise that the secret to looking great round the waist and at the same time not damaging our spine, is not in endless sit ups and crunches.

Core Stability, stabilisation and training of the core as a whole has proven to produce far greater results when it comes to injury prevention, great looking abs and an all round better posture

If you are on a journey to developing a strong core; floor based Pilates exercises are what you need. This type of training activates all the muscles in your core, whilst training you to control and stabilise deep postural muscles relating to the pelvic floor and transverse abdominus (don’t let the big words worry you!)

By increasing core stability you will at the same time accomplish the look and mobility you are after too.

4 Video Resources To Start Increasing Your Core Stability

Pilates is proven to increase stability and mobility in the different regions of your spine. The exercises you’ll find in the following articles will challenge you in ways you may never have experienced, build up slow in duration, intensity and repetitions. Take your time to master the exercises.

OK ready? Enjoy the following resources:

Increasing Core Stability: Part one

Increasing Core Stability: Part two

Increasing Core Stability: Part three

Once you have progressed with these three parts, try the advanced exercise:

Developing Advanced Stability

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