Lose 10% Bodyfat in 12 Weeks With Pilates

by pilates32 on January 3, 2012

I have always believed in endorsing and backing a product that I personally use and believe in. Given there is so much false information here on the internet, it is difficult as a genuine reader to find the truth in what you are looking for. Take for example, the huge guys endorsing a protein product as the only answer for their results. Not to mention all the other substances they have been taking, but don’t ever talk about. I think it is important to be honest and truthful especially when putting your name behind a product.

The reason I began Pilates 32, is because of my own personal journey using Pilates to help take me to a higher level of fitness as well as injury rehabilitation. Do I only do Pilates? Not at all, I also lift weights and perform some measure of cardiovascular exercise. But Pilates has been the core training system that I have used to improve my strength, mobility, flexibility and most of all to develop my core as a whole. Not only to perform better, but to look better too. Many of the guys I train with comment regularly on the edge I have on them because of what the Pilates system has done.

Because I believe in the Total Pilates 32 System I am embarking on my own fitness journey for 2012, that will implement the system to increase strength and reduce my bodyfat. The way in which the system is designed means that it works really well over a 12 week period, especially if you are starting as a complete beginner. The system consists of three series of levels, each of which will make up each 4 week component of the program. Alongside Pilates I will performing two runs and week and two crossfit circuits as well as implementing all the principles of the Small Change Diet.

Pilates, nutrition and cross fit training all make up the 12 week transformation. Before embarking on the journey, it is important to establish baseline testing results and set realistic and measurable goals, as I have spoke about recently. My overall aim for this journey is to lose body fat. As this is a big focus of people in the new year, this is the primary focus of this journey. Although I am expecting some amount of strength and fitness improvements, these are not the primary focus of the training program.

In many ways, my expectations are very ambitious. Because I already have good established level of fitness I will start on the medium level of the Pilates 32 System. Due to my hectic schedule at the end of last year, I let my own personal fitness slip and my body fat crept up. Therefore I’m starting this program at a huge 17%. I plan to finish around 7% (like I said, very ambitious) at the end of 12 weeks. If you are interested to know more about what I will be doing, check out the journey here on Squidoo. If you want to join me, download the Pilates 32 System and lets get started. I promise it’s well worth the investment.

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