Pilates: A System For Ordinary People

by pilates32 on March 3, 2012

For many of us, exercise is a daunting task. From the outside looking in, the fitness environment can be intimidating and a far reach from our own reality, almost surreal or fictional. So when we approach someone for help, a strong fit fitness instructor may not have an understanding of where you’re coming from. You may not be looking to run the next major marathon or appear on the front of next month’s fitness magazine. If the help you receive doesn’t understand this, it may not be too long before you give up entirely.

You simply want to improve your health and make life easier to do. You want to live without the pain of straining your back every time you reach down to tie your laces. Or maybe it’s to strengthen your muscles to relieve the symptoms of arthritis or sciatica, or maybe just to lose a few inches round the waist and leave you energized for life.

Pilates was designed with ordinary people in mind. Although it may not always seem this way, Pilates allows a regular person who has little experience of exercise, to progress to a level of health and fitness that they aim to attain. Pilates isn’t just about awkward moves with your legs in the air. Instead it is about performing a system of careful designed exercises with precision and control. It allows you to improve your strength and posture, increase mobility and flexibility, all whilst assisting towards weight loss and better health.

The thought of improving your health shouldn’t be intimidating. Rather achievable and inspiring. It need not be an expensive pursuit either. You can do Pilates at home quite easily with the help of us here at Pilates 32.

I know this article isn’t anything too life changing, but I felt it relevant for many of our readers.

Hoping you achieve your goals


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